You can use the 64 bit Chrome browser without installation. This page offers help about how to prepare your own 64 bit Chrome portable browser. You can download mostly the latest four versions. If you need an older version than you can use the Chromium 64 bit Portable.


Chrome 64-bit portable versions

Filename Date
GoogleChromePortable64_80.0.3987.122_online.paf.exe 2020-02-25
GoogleChromePortable64_80.0.3987.132_online.paf.exe 2020-03-04
GoogleChromePortable64_80.0.3987.149_online.paf.exe 2020-03-19
GoogleChromePortable64_80.0.3987.162_online.paf.exe 2020-04-02
GoogleChromePortable64_80.0.3987.163_online.paf.exe 2020-04-03
GoogleChromePortable64_81.0.4044.92_online.paf.exe 2020-04-08